Mila’s Bow Haul


Hey Mamas! P.s. Don’t mind the baby hand, this is the best pic I could get lol! Since lately my posts have been more about beauty, I wanted to talk more about #Momstuff! As you may or may not know I am a mama to my beautiful daughter Mila. She’s 1 about 15 months old, since she’s been born I’ve always loved putting bows on her, right now she’s at that stage where she does take them off occasionally but there are so many Etsy shops that make the cutest bows ever and I just can’t resist. If any mamas have girls you know how fun it is to dress your girl in cute clothes and bows,I’ve been buying bows for Mila over the past few months so I wanted to share the bows I picked out for her.

Most of her bows I do buy on Etsy, I used to shop for bows at Babies r us and Buy Buy Baby but I feel like now that Mila is bigger they just don’t fit her, those bows are more for infants. I love that I can support a small business by shopping on Etsy, and find one of a kind bows that are handmade. My tip is to follow an Etsy shop on Instagram and especially around holidays they offer discounts or even free shipping to get the best deal when shopping for bows. Another tip I have is if you have a boy, you can turn bows into bowties for your little boy, and it’s such a cute idea. My fav shops and sites to shop for baby bows are:


My biggest reason why I love these bows from my fav shops are because of the stretch, they all carry bows that either come on or are made of nylon which has an amazing stretch, which not only will last a long time but it doesn’t leave marks or indents on my daughter’s head like some other bows do, the plus side is that they have really cute prints and are one of a kind.All my mamas out there or even if you know someone who has a baby be sure to check out these sites and Etsy shops, check them out on Instagram, you’ll be pleased with the quality and the cuteness of these bows.I’m so excited that fall is right around the corner, can’t wait to put these gorgeous bows on my babe!

Talk to you soon my loves!


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