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DIY Iced Coffee under $2.. Better than Starbucks?!?

Hey! I’m back to talk about my oh so amazing iced coffee I make at home. If you guys don’t know I’m a coffee addict, as a mom, coffee is definitely a must to get me going throughout the day. I don’t know about you but I can be super particular with my coffee. I don’t do black coffee,it has to be iced, it needs. To be sweet.. the list goes on. Over the years I have tried different ways to make the perfect iced coffee at home and I couldn’t find the right combo that I feel in love with.. until now! I’m super excited to share my at home iced coffee and guess what?! I love it wayyy more than Starbucks! I was going to Starbucks literally everyday sometimes twice a day and spending too much money on overpriced coffee. Don’t get me wrong I still love Starbucks however this mama is on a budget and if I can save money on delicious coffee that’s a huge plus for me. The most amazing part about this iced coffee is that it’s more than half the price of Starbucks! That’s right you get so much more bang for your buck! So my oh so delicious iced coffee combo is super quick and easy and hands down the best iced coffee I’ve ever had.         Also, I do want to mention that I’ve been using the Hydro flask, it’s the coffee cup and omg the best purchases I’ve ever made. If you guys don’t know the Hydro flask hype is so real! They are pricey by totally worth it. Why is it worth it? The hydro flask will keep your cold drinks cold for 24 hours, that includes ice! That’s right it’s super insualated that you will have ice in your cup 24 hours later! Isn’t that just life changing? Well it is for me at least. Anyway back to the iced coffee. So I don’t actually brew my iced coffee however I do get the Starbucks iced coffee in medium roast, you can find it at any grocery store and it’s around $4-$5 for a jug which I get about 5 servings from it. Next I use half and half, I’ve tried all different kinds of milk and I find this to be the best tasting, I like heavy whipping cream however I like the half and half better as it’s not as heavy. Lastly, I add 3 pumps of my favorite syrup seriously this syrup has changed my whole life and made my coffee game on point! I use the Torani French vanilla syrup. You guys, it’s so amazing! I love that it’s not too sweet yet sweet enough but it just tastes so creamy, it’s my favorite syrup at the moment. I add ice and literally that’s it, super quick and easy. Now I highly recommend trying my recipe if you will or you can substitute for your favorite syrup although I really think you should try the French vanilla syrup because it’s just too good! So let’s do the math. I buy the Starbucks iced coffee for about $5 which I get about 5 uses, then the half and half is around $3 and lastly the Torani syrup I get at World Market is about $7 I can get about 30 uses out of this syrup. The grand total per drink is about $1.60, compare that to $5 per drink at Starbucks,that’s a huge savings! I always crave this iced coffee as I can never get enough and for the price it’s such a steal! Let me know your  favorite iced coffee recipes as I love trying new coffee. Thank you so much for reading, bye!



Lately I’ve been on the hunt for new coffee shops to go to, I do drink Starbucks quite often but I don’t know if it’s just me but I get a kind of tired of Starbucks just a tad. Don’t get me wrong it’s convenient and I’ll still continue to go there however, not sure why but most often than not their coffee gives me headaches and makes me feel sick which kinda defeats the purpose of coffee. Coffee is life especially having a 1 year old who likes to wake up early, I definitely need some energy to keep up with her thought the day. This morning I decided to go on yelp and look for new coffee shops in my area. I found Pachamama Coffee Cooperative and figured I’d check it out.It’s a nice cute place, they offer a simple menu of pour overs, espresso and coffee drinks.

All of their coffee and espresso is all organic which I love, who wouldn’t? Today was a “treat yo self” kind of day so I went with an iced mocha which whip, yum! It was a little pricey $5 for a 16oz mocha but can easily justified as it’s a local coffee shop using organic espresso and only a few cents more than Starbucks. I really enjoyed my mocha, it was so tasty! What I loved was that it had a perfect balance of sweetness and espresso, I’m not a black coffee kinda girl,I like flavor and sweetness in my coffee but it wasn’t crazy strong and not overly sweet, it was perfect. Overall, I had a great experience the employees were friendly, coffee was great and organic. The only downfall is the parking isn’t great the parking lot only has 4 spaces, I had to park down the street which wasn’t too bad thank goodness I had the stroller with me so I didn’t have to carry my sleepy girl, but other than that I give it 2 thumbs up! If your’e in the Sacramento area be sure to give Pachamama coffee a try!

Have a great day loves, talk to you soon!


Cold Pressed Juice Anyone?

When my hubs and I moved into our neighborhood last fall we stumbled upon a hidden gem called Liquidology. After our first visit we immediately fell in love with is place. Why you may ask? Well just a little quick background, my hubs has always been all about staying healthy and fit, whether it’s going to the gym 5 days a week or eating clean, he’s always on the hunt for new ways to continue to stay healthy. Now for me, it’s definitely been a challenge after having a baby, and being a full time working mama to follow his path and keeping a healthy lifestyle.

As much as I want to be fit, as of right now it’s tough to get a ton of workouts in. I’ve come to the conclusion is along as I’m healthy and eat right that’s all that matters. Anyway, what I love about Liquidology is that you’re able to to get a serving ,if not more of fruits and veggies retaining all of those amazing vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need to keep us healthy, ,perfect for on the go,all in a delicious juice form. I love that their juices are in their raw form, they don’t taste overly sweet and they have a wide variety of different juices, and juice cleanses to choose from.

Not only do they offer amazing juices, they also have acai bowls, smoothies,avocado toast and so much more. If you’re in the Sacramento area I highly recommend you go check out Liquidology, it’s our fav healthy spot and I know you’ll enjoy it too! The cool part is if you’re not in the area, if you go on their website you can order fresh juices and they will ship it to your door, how awesome is that?

Liquidology- liquidologybar.com