Mom Update: Where I’ve been and Mila’s trip to the ER

Hey my loves!

I know I’ve been MIA for awhile now. If you read my posts you may know that I’m figuring out how to balance work and mom life as well as posting frequently on the blog. I recently changed work locations so I do have a longer commute, plus dropping off Mila at day care and with traffic by the time I get home I’m exhausted, to the point where all I want is sleep and household chores have been a struggle.Being a mom is a full time job in itself so I haven’t had time for anything else, if I didn’t heavily rely on coffee to get me through the day, I sure do now! While were on the subject of coffee, if you have any DIY recipes for iced coffee I would love to know!

Literally Starbucks just takes my money since I’m always on the go and this mama is on a budget. I’ve also felt just a tad unmotivated recently, like there are so many great successful blogs out there, how can I compete with that? I have so many ideas for posts and the direction I want this blog to go in, but will people really read my blog? But you know what, even through the ups and downs I have to pull myself together and just do it. I’ve been wanting to do this blog for so long and now that I’m here, there’s no way that I can give up now.

Whether only a few people read my blog or not, I do it for my supporters that enjoy my blog and that follow me and also, for myself. I always have to remember everyone starts somewhere and even though I’m not where I want to be yet, I will get there, it just takes time, so with all that being said I’ve been trying to be positive and motivate myself to be consistent with my blog.I will always let my supporters know that I appreciate them so much for reading posts or following me, you have no idea how much it means to me, thank you!

So let’s talk about Mila.

We had our first experience taking Mila to the ER, it all started when Mila woke up at night coughing a lot, so to take it back she’s had a bad cough at night for a few weeks now, plus an ear infection to top it off, so she’s been on antibiotics for that. I thought it was just a cough, but she threw up, and continued to throw up all night long. As a new mom, I always call the dr because you just never know, and us moms worry about our babies,I called like multiple times, she wasn’t keeping anything down even pedialyte. She was in pain and barely got any sleep so around 2 am I decided it was best to take her to the ER because she couldn’t keep anything down and I was worried about her getting dehydrated.

We were there probably a good 3 hours, and with hardly any sleep it was a little rough but we got through it. As we still aren’t 100% sure why she was getting so sick to her stomach, maybe food poisoning who knows but the good news is that they gave her medicine for nausea and ever since she was able to sleep and hasn’t gotten sick since. We didn’t get much sleep so she’s been taking frequent naps and her stomach is still a little sensitive but she’s a strong girl and is doing much better now. As a parent it can definitely be scary seeing your baby in pain or sick especially when there’s not much you can do, but moms will do anything they can for their little ones. I’m so thankful that she is ok and doing better. Any moms out there have any experiences or trips to the ER? Share your stories in the comments.

Talk to you soon!



Mila’s Bow Haul


Hey Mamas! P.s. Don’t mind the baby hand, this is the best pic I could get lol! Since lately my posts have been more about beauty, I wanted to talk more about #Momstuff! As you may or may not know I am a mama to my beautiful daughter Mila. She’s 1 about 15 months old, since she’s been born I’ve always loved putting bows on her, right now she’s at that stage where she does take them off occasionally but there are so many Etsy shops that make the cutest bows ever and I just can’t resist. If any mamas have girls you know how fun it is to dress your girl in cute clothes and bows,I’ve been buying bows for Mila over the past few months so I wanted to share the bows I picked out for her.

Most of her bows I do buy on Etsy, I used to shop for bows at Babies r us and Buy Buy Baby but I feel like now that Mila is bigger they just don’t fit her, those bows are more for infants. I love that I can support a small business by shopping on Etsy, and find one of a kind bows that are handmade. My tip is to follow an Etsy shop on Instagram and especially around holidays they offer discounts or even free shipping to get the best deal when shopping for bows. Another tip I have is if you have a boy, you can turn bows into bowties for your little boy, and it’s such a cute idea. My fav shops and sites to shop for baby bows are:


My biggest reason why I love these bows from my fav shops are because of the stretch, they all carry bows that either come on or are made of nylon which has an amazing stretch, which not only will last a long time but it doesn’t leave marks or indents on my daughter’s head like some other bows do, the plus side is that they have really cute prints and are one of a kind.All my mamas out there or even if you know someone who has a baby be sure to check out these sites and Etsy shops, check them out on Instagram, you’ll be pleased with the quality and the cuteness of these bows.I’m so excited that fall is right around the corner, can’t wait to put these gorgeous bows on my babe!

Talk to you soon my loves!


Life Update

Hey all!

So I’ve totally been slacking on my posting. I’m still getting used to a routine and trying to find time to post. I wish there were more hours in a day but since thats not the case, I’m trying to figure out ways to make time for my posts. As some maybe not all of you may know I am a full time working mama,I’ve been focusing on growing in my position at work as well as being a mom, taking care of my 1 year old daughter and trying to focus on my blog and posting more. I’ve also been sick I guess you can say for about a week, well I’ve been trying to fight either a cold or virus not too sure what it is, still not feeling well but trying to recover.

Even with body aches and tiredness I have the urge to make a few posts and to clean and organize the house, I guess I’m short of feeling better. I just want my followers or anyone who reads or even just looks at my blog, thank you so much for taking the time too read and/or like my blog. It’s been a dream of mine to start this blog and share things with all of you. I love that I have this blog to talk about anything,I do have specific topics that I do talk about but I don’t want this to be a traditional blog, I want to be able to share more than those topics with you all whether its about life or anything else.

I’m so grateful that I have some of you that follow my blogs, it doesn’t matter how many followers I have along as I’m able to post for you that’s what matters to me. Hopefully I’ll have energy later to post more for you but in the mean time I’ll be resting trying to get better. I do apologize that I don’t post too often or have a schedule as blogging is still new to me and I will figure out what works best for me to continue to produce lots of posts. I know my photos and posts aren’t perfect like you see on other blogs or Instagram but I’m learning and researching new ways to improve my photos, but so far I’m so glad and thankful you all enjoy it. Thank you!


Talk to you soon!


Traveling with Baby PT.2

Heyyy all!

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a few days, Mila and I went on a mini vacation over the weekend, and we just wanted to relax and take time off.  We went to Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo for a few days, it was so nice to get out of the heat. Check out my Instagram to see how beautiful it was by the ocean, info is on my homepage.

Now lets talk about how I traveled with baby and what I packed for her. First off, it was a 5 hour drive to get there, she did ok of course she was fussy plus she’s been teething so I’m sure you moms know how that is. I made sure for the car ride she had a few toys to entertain her, plus her favorite blankie to make sure she was as comfortable as possible. Here are my top items that were a must to bring with us traveling:

  1. Stroller– We use the Baby Trend jogging stroller, it makes it so easy to get around.
  2. Sippy cups– Yassss! Sippy cups arte a must when traveling, we use the Nuby 12m+ with the flexible straw. I also, brought a pack of disposable sippys just in case which worked out great! I purchased both at my local Target.
  3. Portable Place mat– It’s perfect for going out to eat and putting baby’s food on their instead of on top of the table or a plate (which can easily be thrown) its portable and perfect for traveling and take sup no space in her diaper bag.
  4. Backpack diaper bag– It was perfect and big enough to store everything she needs from diapers and wipes to extra clothes even my stuff. The brand we have is from carters and I bought it at Buy Buy Baby. FYI love that place!
  5. Lots of Snacks– I made sure to bring lots of snacks from her Happy Tot puffs, granola bars, cereal to fruit pouches and water. Us moms have to make sure to always have snacks on deck especially when out and about with baby.
  6. Sippy cup holder strap– I know it sounds weird but it’s a strap that attaches to the stroller on one end and grips the sappy cup on the other end. Mila loves to constantly throw things especially her sippy cup, I found it at Buy Buy Baby for like $7 but its totally worth it, I don’t have to worry about mile throwing her sip cup and getting it dirty.

I wasn’t sure what the weather would be like but it was pretty nice a little chilly, so I packed her bomber jacket and some sweaters and sweat pants, as well as a few onesies and rompers just in case and it worked out perfectly. Also, since Mila loves to walk around I brought her moccasins and they are so easy and convenient and super cute too. I really love having moccs for her, they’re so easy to slip on and go, they’re a must for babies, I get mine online from Monkey Feet.

Those were my baby travel must haves, let me know if you have any suggestions or products that make it easier to travel with baby, I love trying new products for Mila so I would love to hear your suggestions.

Talk to you soon!


Traveling with Baby

Good morning!

So next weekend my daughter and I are going on a family girl’s trip with my mom and sis to SLO. I have traveled with her in the past when she was like 4 months old but I’m sure it’ll be different this time now that’s she’s 1. I’ve already started to think about what I need to take, how much I should pack, what the weather will be like. It can definitely be a little overwhelming.Once I start packing next week, I will post a packing guide for traveling with baby. As of right now I’m doing some research to see what she really needs so I don’t go crazy and pack up our house for a 3 day trip.

I seriously can’t wait for our upcoming trip, of course it will be a lot of work being out all day with a 1 year old, but it’s so much needed, since my life consists of working full time, and coming home to take care of my family and the house. Especially since I don’t travel much or take much time off for family stuff. If any moms out there have an suggestions for traveling with your babes or any recommendations on places to see or things to do in SLO, please let me know!


Talk to you later!